Monday, September 23, 2013

sunday walk around the capitol

Sundays are for adventuring. 

Yesterday we met some friends at the Capitol building, which is a perfect place for little legs to run and explore. 

These days Sage has one speed: run.
Running in one direction: away. 

Most of my pictures are of him running away from me and me running behind him. He is everything a little boy should be. Curious, happy, messy, wild, energetic ( energetic. I think his the comments box on his report cards will say something like "lots of energy!" or "very active!" those are the nice teacher ways of saying "this boy wears me out"). He is learning to climb and to stack things and to dump everything out. He likes to flip his little rocking chair over and drive it around like a wheelbarrow.  He likes to take out all the pots and pans. He likes to take the food processor out of the cupboard and carry it to the living room where he puts the lid on, takes the lid off, puts the lid on (looks in) takes the lid off. This can go on for a full 20 minutes. Sometimes I wonder why I buy toys. He likes to lay on his back and look at books. He loves to go up the stairs, turn around to smile proudly at me, then sit at the top of the stairs, touching his toe to the next step carefully like he is testing the water in a pond. He is scared to come down the stairs. I'm okay with that.

But he eats. Oh boy, does he eat. Much like his mom he's not one for meals, he loves to snack. We have been going to Trader Joe's every couple of days to keep the snacks on the shelves. Sage has yet to meet a snack he did not like. Or a juice. Apple juice, white grape juice and carrot juice are favorites. Little boys need energy for all that running away from their moms.

Oh, dear! Look at the deer!