Friday, September 27, 2013

mixtape for the changing leaves

I want to live in a world where boys who think I'm cute make me mixtapes and give them clever names written in permanent marker on the label. There's something about knowing that someone took an entire afternoon to plan a compilation of songs that he saw as fitting just for you and no one else; switching out CDs and carefully planning transitions. It's like getting a love letter written on yellow legal pad paper. There's just nothing quite like it. (I imagine, it's never actually happened...derp derp.)

Oh, and in this mixtape-making-love-letter-scrawling world of mine all sweaters would have elbow patches. Because why the heck not?

So if I could make a mixtape for all of you this would be it, and I would scrawl "mixtape for the changing leaves" at the top in orange pen and I would even put a sticker on the cassette case! Do you feel overcome with joy and happiness? I sure hope so.

Without further ado...
Made with love and starting with Avett Brothers as all proper mixtapes should.

(To be served piping hot with a side of tomato soup and a pair of wool socks.)

changing leaves mixtape by Alyssa Jensen on Grooveshark