Monday, September 9, 2013

balloon races - iphone version

Yesterday we went to the balloon races. 
They were wonderful and amazing and fun and everything

There's something amazingly refreshing about being up before the sun.

Here's some pixelated iPhone evidence of our time. Sleepy baby eyes and headscarves. You get the gist.

I also broke out the DSLR and took some pictures. But since the camera has been in hibernation I seem to have misplaced my chord and can't actually get the pictures off the camera. (oops)

That being said I also have Louisiana pictures that need to be uploaded from over the summer before Darbi gets on a plane and comes here to beat me up herself.
Maybe worth it to get her to visit?
Not gonna risk it. She can be pretty scary. Especially if she hasn't had lunch yet. hahah 
luuuuuuuuurve you, ya hangry girl.

But for now: iPhone pic goodness.

I'll write more on the next post about the day... and the run in with the man who thought I was from the show teen mom. 

UMMM nope not me. 
thanks, dude. 
I'm definitely not in high school.
I definitely have taught high school.