Saturday, June 29, 2013

it's hot!

-fill up three buckets with water
-turn on the hose

three digit heat conquered!

Friday, June 28, 2013

sage's first birthday party

Because he is such a rambunctious little person, I decided to throw Sage a Where The Wild Things Are first birthday party. It was so fun to throw and I was so happy so many of our friends could come to celebrate making it through our first year together. I was a terrible mom/host/photographer/blogger because I didn't get pictures of our wonderful guests, but I was so happy to sit and talk with the people who could come that somehow the camera got set down on a counter and forgotten. So even though there aren't pictures to prove it, my parents' house was full of laughs and little people. I am feeling overwhelmed with the amount of love we feel. What a wonderful day! What a wonderful wild thing!

The love is overflowing.

On the invitations I had specified that I didn't want people to bring presents, if anyone thought a present was necessary I asked them to bring a favorite book. This turned out to be an amazing idea and I would recommend it for any apartment-dwelling families. We're all about books around here.

^^ The lemonade bar was a hit! 

^^ The weather was sprinkling rain, so the pom pom garlands that I planned to hang behind the table wasn't going to work, so my amazing friend Kacie has the idea to decorate the room with the strings of pom poms. They looked amazing!

^^ barefoot soccer with Haydn and Sean

^^ Sage loved the lemonade. Look at that pinky! Be still my heart.

^^ I used melted chocolate to make Max crowns for the cupcakes.

^^ smash cake before the smash..

^^ My dad, the grill master!

Sage LOVED the smash cake. He was happy to smear and smush the cake until there was no cake left to smear and smush. I tried to get him to actually eat the cake, but he had no interest in eating it. He however did walk over and eat a handful of dirt while I was cleaning up the mess. He's a weird little wild thing, I tell you. And cute as all heck.

^^ opening presents with Brianna's help. Sage was SO not opening presents fast enough for her, so she was awesome enough to be a big helper and come help Sage open his presents.

What a wonderful day!

I love you baby Sage, you make me laugh every day and I can't wait to see how much you grow up in the next year.

Monday, June 17, 2013

catching frogs

Some days I'm extra outnumbered and the menfolk have to follow their manly instincts and do manly things. This Saturday was one of those days. We packed up the car, picked up Colin's little brother Eion and headed to the swampiest park round these-here parts for a little snake and frog catching.

It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place, a place that feels out of place in the Nevada desert. It would make a perfect place for some kite flying and picnicking, but such events would have detracted from the manliness of the day. 

My kite and I will have to come back another day.

These two spotted a huge frog that they were determined to get from the muck. They couldn't believe that I couldn't see the frog they were pointing out to me. 


They shook their heads as they climbed down the rocks, and though it may have been my imagination; I could hear them sigh to themselves, 

"ugh... girls." 

Monday, June 10, 2013

sage caught the biggest bug EVER!!

After the rain passed this evening we went outside to play before bedtime. Something about the fresh air wears this little boy right out. While we were outside Sage was playing in the grass when he suddenly got an excited look on his face and started digging in the grass. He proudly looked over at me and held up a rock painted like a ladybug that was buried in the grass. Clearly he thought that he was the bug catcher of the century, catching the biggest ladybug known to man. He went on to throw the "bug" across the grass and chase it, and without fail every time he reached it he would look up at me with a look of glory on his face. Crocodile Dundee would be so proud.

All hail Sage, king of the bug wranglers!