Friday, September 6, 2013


Some days you go to lunch and your baby isn't a baby anymore. He's eating pho and looking like a big boy in his skinny jeans. 


I'm starting The Elegance of the Hedgehog this weekend (again). I've started it about 5 times then get busy and stop reading it because it's just so much WORK for me to read that dang book. It's beautifully written and has amazing insight on every single page, but I get emotionally engulfed in books and that one started to take over my soul so I had to stop. I picked it back up last night and am excited to finally get through it. My relationship with literature is pretty strange. I give my whole being over to the book and let it control my thoughts and emotions. If a book has the ability to change the way I think or feel I think it's powerful. I have the same feeling about art and music. Stir up some emotion and you did your job. 


Trader Joe's freezer dinners are where it's at right now. With Trader Joe's peanut butter cup ice cream for dessert. 

Thinking about: 

The balloon races this weekend! Last year I went to the balloon races with a newborn baby and the person I was dating. This year I'm going with a toddler and my best friend. Life is full of change and everything happens for a reason. I'm excited to keep making memories with new people so I can stop holding onto old memories. 

Listening to: 

Motion City Soundtrack. the Commit This to Memory album.
Right? I know. I found my old CD case in my parent's house while they were moving and I'm reliving some seriously early 2000s music that takes me back to a wonderful time. This CD is flipping fun. 


The new Gatsby movie. Which I understand for anyone who is actually as obsessed with the book and the era the way that I am this is a travesty. But I'm in love with the costuming and the soundtrack is the bomb-diggity if you can suspend your disbelief enough to accept a ridiculous amount of Jay-Z and Beyonce. Many an anachronism in that movie. Oh well I love it. #sorrynotsorry

((it can't hold a candle to the Robert Redford Gatsby and I know that but I don't even bother comparing the two because -- seriously? -- of course you'll be disappointed if you do that.))


the ride.