Sunday, September 22, 2013

around the internet

It seems like everyone is feeling extra inspired lately.
In turn, I'm feeling extra inspired.

Maybe it's the return of pumpkin spice drinks? Trader Joe's has an excellent pumpkin spice herbal tea that is just the cat's pajamas. Something about pumpkin spice just makes me a better version of myself. Can I get a heck yeah?

But something has taken over the internet -- or at least the people on my Bloglovin' -- because everyone is posting amazing pictures and amazing posts and amazing words.

So from the bottom of my pumpkin spice-flavored heart, I thank you.

Here are some of my favorites:

These kid's shirts raise money for down syndrome awareness.

Kelli Murray's workspace.

Interview of the artist behind Another Feather jewelry with beautiful pictures.

Natalie Holbrook linked to this video of a group of actors performing Shakespeare with it's original pronunciation with the caption "linguistics turn me on". Oh Natalie, I feel like we are spirit sisters.

Sydney Poulton posted inspiring pictures of a garden trip that makes me need to get outside.

Ohmahgosh this post on avoiding camel toe made me laugh until I cried. srsly.

A recipe for carrot soup.

How to start the day with your kids in a positive way.

New gluten-free standards for food labeling.

If you don't follow the You Are My Wild photo project already, you should.

Wishes for a good weekend and dealing with feelings of inadequacy from Naomi Davis.

Kinsey Mhire was feeling inspired this week by some amazing photography.

I'm telling you, inspiration in the air!