Saturday, July 27, 2013

baton rouge splash pad

The rumors are true, the south really is that hot in the summer.

Lucky for us Darbi knew how to get to the closest splash pad. Sage wasn't sure about the sprinklers at first, but by the end he was a believer.

So many people asked me how old he was, and were amazed to hear he had just turned one. Not only is he a giant, but he was running and chasing the big kids through the water. He obviously hasn't gotten the memo that he's supposed to be acting like a baby still.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

riding the train in virginia city

Virginia City is the cutest little place. It's an old mining town about 30 minutes from Reno (Mark Twin lived there!). Their motto is "step back in time" and that's exactly what it feels like when you drive into town.

Colin was back for the weekend and he wanted to take Sage ride the train in Virginia City.
It was a fun day together!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

aunt terry, uncle ed and the nelsons visit for the day!

My Aunt Terry and Uncle Ed drove up to Crouch with my cousin Lindsay and her family on the last day in Idaho. We did some of our Crouch favorites, the minnow pond and a pinata. Aunt Jeanne even planned a kid-friendly geocashing activity, how cool is that?

First we put on bathing suits and went to the minnow pond. It was too hot to not be in the water.

After the minnow pond and Simon's minor snake bite, we headed back up to the cabin. Sage went down for a nap and the big kids did some geocashing and then broke the traditional pinata. Grandma Jones used to make pinatas when we were little that took metal baseball bats to break, and everyone got multiple turns.

Now, this year's pinata was unlike any other pinata we've ever broken. My cousin Chelsea found this pinata of a life-size girl to break. She was called "Suzie" for most of the week, except by my mom why kept referring to "her" as "Annie The Tranny". Welcome to the Jones family. We're a one-of-a-kind group.

The time had come for Suzie to meet her maker, and it was a pretty long and drawn-out experience. Girlfriend was a fighter and stronger than she looked, but after all kids got three turns she finally gave in. It really brought out the Lord of the Flies side of our little angels.

My all-time favorite picture of Phoebs.

Using the limbs and the head as candy holders ^^

We're so glad that we got to spend the day with some of our favorite people!!!
We can't wait to come visit you in Utah in October!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

visiting grandma at the veteran's cemetery

While in Idaho we visited my grandma's grave at the Veteran's Cemetery in Boise. It was a beautiful evening at a beautiful place. Every 4th we miss Grandma and her smile, her sometimes (most of the time) inappropriate jokes, and her threats to "throw us out with the trash". We miss picking wild berries for her jam that went perfectly with Grandpa's warm homemade bread. We miss her booming "CLOSE THE DOOR" as soon as it opened. We miss having to take off our shoes in the house. We miss checking under the beds three times before leaving because "Grandma doesn't ship" and any treasures that were left were stuck there until the next summer. We miss that hot pink lipstick and clip-on earrings. We miss her wigs that she wore during chemotherapy. We miss having to tell her to sit down because she was determined to help with dinner when she didn't have much energy left. We miss her love for life. We miss her claim that her one regret is life was that she "never cleaned out the attic".

It's been 6 summers since she's been gone. 

Let us all live so that our last regret can be that we never got around to cleaning out the attic.