Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Tonight we had our very own jam sesh with Sage on the ukelele and Bob Dylan on the record player.

No more words -- just see for yourself.

Up and coming YouTube sensation or what?

So basically have a wonderful Wednesday and play some ukelele and sing some Bob Dylan. You don't need to be as serious about it as Sage, but what can I say? Baby boy is perfecting his craft. 

As for me, I'm watching The Bling Ring and drinking spiced tea, and if that isn't what dreams are made of I guess I don't know what is. This Chicago time jump has been pretty rough on us and we've been up at all hours of the night. I've been itching to get a good old-fashioned rambling blog essay out this week, but until my brain gets a full night's sleep that's out of the question. Mush. That's what my brain is. Pure mush. 

So expect some picture-heavy posts the next couple of days as I work my way through the ridiculous number of pictures from my spring break. I'll be taking a hacksaw to my photo archives and posting some Chicago and Indiana goodness. 

It was amazing, you guys. If we're being honest with ourselves I didn't want to come back at all. I could have happily missed my flight over and over again and been stuck there until the end of time. 

So I guess I better get back to my trashy teen movie and warm spiced goodness. Wouldn't want it to think I'm neglecting it or anything, trashy teen fake documentaries need love too, dontcha know?