Tuesday, April 22, 2014

earth day nature walk

Today we had a weather cornucopia of rain, overcast skies, snow flurries and a small spurt of hail.  Basically all of the weather emojis were represented in today's forecast.  Give it to Nevada to be an equal opportunity spring weather provider. 

But Earth Day wasn't going to go uncelebrated around here. No way no how. 

I really really wanted to plant something. But with the sporadic snow flurries this week I decided to hold off on planting anything until this weather and its multiple personalities can figure itself out. 

Instead we waited for the sun to show its face and went on a walk. On our walk we made a nature jar filled with anything that stood out to this one-year-old. And if I know anything about this little boy, he loves treasures. So this was the perfect Earth Day activity for little hands. 

He found a rock with a spot of green spray paint, a stick that was a little too big, a leaf that didn't make the final cut and was replaced with a pine cone. He found another pine cone and stick that wasn't a little too big. And topped it off with a rock. I threw in tiny purple flower for good measure. He spotted a creek and chased a rabbit. He found a small hill and ran up and down and up and down the hill. He found a low pine tree to walk under then got nervous when the needles hit is face and went around said tree instead. He attempted to put pine cones back on a different tree. 

At the end of the walk we put the lid on the jar and thanked the earth for giving us a small pocket of sun so that we could enjoy Earth Day properly. 

Happy Earth Day!