Sunday, April 27, 2014


For the sake of whynots I'm going to mix up the format of my usual currently posts and this time replace it with a list. Because lists make me happy. 

Making: new memories every day.
Cooking: up plans for this summer and our travels (because there is a lack of any actual cooking).
Drinking: diet cherry coke.
Reading: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
Wanting: a clean house.
Looking: for a good pair of jeans. 
Playing: Cat Stevens on the record player.
Wasting: trees in the form of paper towels. so many paper towels.
Wishing: I could do it all.
Enjoying: this slow Sunday morning.
Waiting: for a day with the perfect amount of wind to break in this new kite.
Liking: this wild almost-two-year-old phase. full of life and personality.
Wondering: what Sage will be like when he is older. 
Loving: the amount of books he wants to sit and devour this week.
Hoping: he will continue to love reading throughout his life.
Marveling: at the beauty of the Earth.
Needing: nothing.
Smelling: blueberry waffles.
Wearing: black.
Following: the leader.
Noticing: the time pass so quickly. as it always does.
Knowing: that everything will work out in the end.
Thinking: about everything that needs to be done.
Feeling: tired.
Bookmarking: summer vacation destinations. 
Opening: too many tabs at a time.
Laughing: at my own jokes.
Going: where the wind blows me.

and thank you Sydney for the list I used to make this post happen.