Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Well hello Wednesday! We have popcorn and new haircuts round these here parts. I opted for bangs and Sage opted for the haircut that makes him look less homeless (and a little bit like a monk until it grows out just a tiny bit). So here it is! Toast a couple of circus popcorn containers together for Wednesday and cleaning ourselves up a bit!

We are eating popcorn tonight, as we usually do.
Popcorn is becoming a reoccurring blog theme (and life theme) I am starting to see.

AND I FOUND IDAHO SPUDS AT THE TEXACO AND IM STILL IN A STATE OF SHOCK ABOUT IT. By some stroke of luck they took a wrong turn and ended up at a gas station in Nevada and I couldn't me more elated. I have a special place in my heart for those chocolate covered potato-shaped marshmallows. om nom nom nom nommmmm.
Tastes like summer.

To totally switch to spring business.. HAPPY APRIL!
Is anyone else's house doing some spring turning-upside-down? I'm taking spring cleaning to the next level this year (EXTREME SPRING CLEANING) and Sage is not any help at all. I was trying to sort his baby clothes by size to pack them into marked storage containers this weekend, and he kept coming up behind me and taking the folded clothes out as I was putting them in. Because what a fun new game! Unfold the folded clothes then laugh when my mom tells me to stop! Then yell "SAAAAAHP" (which is the one-year-old version of "stop" without the "t" -- and the "o" drawn out niiiiiiice and long) back at her! Oh the fun!

He would even wait until about 4 things had made it into the box then run over just as I thought he had lost interest and pull all 4 things out of the box as fast as he can. Because he is a straight terror and a sneak.

So that project got the giant kibosh and we built trains instead, because those are much more baby friendly and only slightly less fun than watching me get frustrated as he unfolds all the clean clothes.

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy some popcorn and Idaho spuds for all!