Monday, April 7, 2014

sage and oscar

A couple weekends ago we were lucky enough to visit my cousin and her family in Utah for the weekend. Now, we as moms might have the best intentions when it comes to getting pictures of the two cutest blonde boys on the planet (so we've decided). But our expectations also tend to be pretty unrealistic.

"Give them some M&Ms!"
"Look over here!"
"Okay sit back down."
"No, over here!"
(make silly noises)

The pictures might not be what we had in mind, but they are pretty dang cute.

We can safely draw the following conclusions:
1. Sage loves to eat candy
2. Oscar thinks it's hilarious to feed Sage candy.
3. Blonde boys look great in orange.

....So I would say these are pretty successful in the realm of one-year-old-picture-taking.
These two boys have personality for days.

One word: trouble.

Another word: heartbreakers.