Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween!! Today definitely felt like a fall day. It was a perfect day for Sage's first Halloween. The yellow and orange leaves were blowing around on the ground while we were driving around running errands. It was cool enough for us to wear sweaters. We passed a grade school class on a field trip walking near the governor's mansion. The kids were all dressed up in their costumes and being led down the street by a teacher dressed up as Snow White. It made me really miss teaching.

We met up with Amy for lunch and went to a small gift shop where Kylie works to look at the knick-knacks. We watched Halloween movies on the kids channels and ate GF Belgian waffles for dinner. Sage fell asleep before we even got our first trick-or-treater so we didn't get to show off his costume. I was sooo glad that we had gone to the fall carnival a couple of weeks ago so that he could show off his cute cute bird costume! I'm loving passing out candies and seeing the neighborhood kids all dressed up.

If you want to see Sage's homemade bird costume you can see it here.

I love Halloween! Be safe and have an amazing night tonight! xo