Monday, October 29, 2012

2nd day exploring san francisco

We had such a fun 2nd day in SF. My camera died and I had left my charger at home, so I was glad we had gotten so many pictures in the morning! Because there was such a chill in the air my mom and dad bought Sage an owl hat from a street vendor to wear. He looked so cute! We visited Alcatraz and he loved being on the boat and looking out at the water. After Alcatraz we ate lunch at a restaurant on Pier 39 and did some more shopping in Union Square before we called it a day. So much walking meant sore feet and blisters pretty early in the day! We drank hot chocolate on the subway (I got a salted caramel hot chocolate and Kylie had a peppermint hot chocolate) and then watched a movie as a family and showed off our new treasures. Sage's big blue eyes were wide open and aware the whole time. He didn't want to miss anything! Since we love to travel I'm lucky to have a baby who loves to travel too! In his four short months of life he's already explored four different states.

I'm feeling so thankful to have such an amazing family. I'm very blessed.xo