Thursday, October 18, 2012

4 month shots

Sage got his 4 month shots this morning, which tuckered the little guy right out.  When he's not napping he has just enough energy to lounge around and watch Backyardigans on Netflix. Look at his poor little legs!

But just because he doesn't feel good doesn't mean he doesn't have time to play his favorite new game! Since Sage was a newborn I have played a game where I go to give him a kiss then pretend to bite his nose. This morning when I bent down to give him a good-morning kiss he reached his mouth up and bit my nose! We have now been playing this "bite your nose" game all day!

Sage's pediatrician also said that he's old enough to start eating solid food, so stay tuned for our adventures in making/trying out different kinds of baby food!xo