Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Today we had some 80 degree goodness and sunshine and beauty. We drove around with the windows down and listened to Ellie Goulding, which seems like appropriate 80 degree weather music.

Sage found these sunglasses in the back seat and decided to claim them as his own. So together we enjoyed the sun and top-40 electro girl pop.

There was even a boy skateboarding down King street -- right in the middle of the lane, but I didn't even mind because it made me think of this: least I thought he was a boy, but as I drove past him (when he switched to skateboarding in the oncoming lane to let me past, generous guy), I realized that he was at least 30. Which almost made the story even better in my mind.

Furthermore, anything that can be related to The Knife immediately gets a free pass.

OH! and the Wes Anderson tribute album came out today. So excuse me while I shimmy on over to iTunes to download that.

Happy Wednesday !!