Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I think this proves that the truck-loving portion of our lives is well underway. 

Making: summer plans.
Cooking: smoothies. which I guess isn't really cooking. more like... blending.
Drinking: flavored water. 
Reading: The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. So far it gets the "aye-okay" pointer finger to thumb hand gesture from me.
Wanting: my house to be magically clean.
Looking: at houses I can't afford. 
Playing: Sage's version of hockey, which consists of throwing his hockey stick down the slide at the park and then sliding down the slide to meet it in the sand at the bottom.
Wishing: on stars and eyelashes and 11:11s. 
Enjoying: perfect nights for walks. 
Waiting: for things to fall into place, as they always do.
Liking: the feeling of contentment that I have these days.
Wondering: what next school year will be like, new job and all.
Loving: the idea of change.
Hoping: for some kind of miracle.
Marveling: over the beauty of the earth (which I think I was marveling over last month, actually).
Needing: nothing in particular.
Smelling: lemon and sandalwood (my new favorite scent). 
Wearing: sandals!
Following: so many aussies on instagram. 
Noticing: the way the light has been dancing and bouncing off the things around me. 
Knowing: the future is bright.
Thinking: about how soon I can get myself to the ocean.
Feeling: like a huge bowl of ice cream.
Bookmarking: all kinds of books. bookmarking books? seems about right.
Opening: bills. so many bills.
Laughing: at things I shouldn't. 
Going: places.

and thank you Sydney for the list I used to make this post happen.