Friday, May 9, 2014

the times, they are a-changin'

Start this party off by pressing "play" and listening to some Bob Dylan while reading this post.

Welp, it's official. I'm moving to an elementary school next year to teach 4th grade.

Because, after many late nights and many pros and cons lists and many hours spent thinking about what it is that makes me happy.. I have decided to teach at an elementary school next year.

And thankfully, Mark Twain was nice enough to have me.

I'm so excited.

People ask why I decided to make this change so early in my career, and others don't have to ask because they already know and understand. I'm not going to get into specifics, and rant I will not. But just know that I can walk away from this job as a middle school math teacher knowing so many important lessons that I wouldn't have learned in any other situation. Talking with my 8th graders today we came to the conclusion that we met at a time when they needed me and I needed them, and no one will understand what we have been through the past two years except for each other. Now they are going to the high school and I feel as if my job here is done. My job in helping get this particularity difficult group through to the high school. Their job in molding me into the teacher that I am today. A different teacher than I was walking in the door at the beginning of this job. And a different person.

But the future is bright and my excitement is through the roof and it's all smiles around here.

So to celebrate I'm going to get a bag of those Sriracha chips I keep avoiding for no good reason at all, and maybe even a king size candy bar. And probably a large Diet Coke, which isn't anything out of the ordinary so it's barely worth mentioning. Good days and bad days are always ended with a large Diet Coke. There's some beauty in consistency.

Life is good and life is good and life is good.

But for now, enjoy your weekend and may spring bless you with some sun and bare feet in the grass.
Sage, take us out!

Because what kind of post is a post without pictures? I mean, seriously.