Saturday, November 3, 2012

season of change

Fall has always been known as a season of change. The leaves change, the weather changes. Boots and chunky knit sweaters take the place of sandals and shorts in my closet. This weekend even the time changes and we are blessed with an extra hour of sleep! The foods I crave are shifting from ice cream and cold summer treats to warm, comfort foods. Even makeup changes with the season. The light, airy nudes of summer are replaced with brown shadows and raspberry lips.

This fall I am having a lot of personal changes. Sage is getting bigger every day and I am cherishing every moment I have with him because I never know if I'll come home from work to a bigger little boy! I'm adjusting to Colin being home less and less. Having him in Monterey is tough, but we have to remind ourselves that a job in these times is something to be thankful for, especially one that pays as well as his. We make it through with phone calls and texts throughout the day and we look forward to the two weekends a month he is able to come back to visit. It makes the time we do get together that much more special.

I am also going into a new chapter of my life. There is a career change in my future but I don't want to give too much away before the "t"s are crossed and the "i"s are dotted. Call me superstitious, but I don't want to jinx anything! I am in the process of moving and creating a little home for Sage and me. A place where we can come home and the end of the day and snuggle up in a space that is all ours.

In the midst of all of these changes, I am feeling like a new person. I was ready for a change, so after 3 years of being blond I decided to have an outer change to go along with the inner changes that I am going through. Thanks to Ali I'm feeling like a new person and I am ready to take on all of life's changes and challenges head-on with my new dark hair! xo