Sunday, November 18, 2012

5 blogs I love right now

Theme: crafty moms
This is the first blog that I started following that really got me into blogs and inspired me to start my own. The blog is headed by Elsie Larson and her sister Emma. They own a vintage clothing store and post great recipes, outfits, crafts, and decorating tips. She's not a mom but she has nieces and nephews that she crafts for, so I had to include her:)
This blog is by a high school English teacher turned stay-at-home-mom. She posts great family pictures and things that just motivate and inspire.
This is another mom that I'm following. She posts pictures of her two little ones and they are just wonderful, plus she has such cute littles with cute names (Eleanor and Samson). Their family just got home from a trip to Italy (where her husband served a mission) to avoid hurricane Sandy, and their pictures from traveling abroad with two small kids are so fun!
This is another mom blog that I love. Her pictures of her son Everett inspire me to capture the smallest moments with Sage. She has some really great outfit blogs too!
This blog has some really great decorating and craft ideas for the home and for small kids. Recently she's posted hand-stamped swaddle blankets and stenciled turkey leggings that are just to die for.

These are five of my favorite blogs that I'm following right now. Check them out, and if you're following someone you just love, let me know!xo