Saturday, November 10, 2012

outfit inspiration: snowy shopping day

Today we had a snowy shopping day. We decided to go to some of our favorite places around town...I'll blog about our date day later:) I took lot's of pictures! But I thought I would do a quick outfit post.

I wanted to wear boots out because there was a good inch of snow that I knew would be turning to slush soon, and the worst thing is walking around with cold feet and wet, drippy pant cuffs.

I decided to wear thick, black leggings, teal boot socks, and black riding boots with a teal and gray striped sweater dress and a gray wool toggle jacket. The teal socks and stripes of teal made for fun pops of color under the coat without being too overwhelming. The thick socks kept my feet warm and looked cute...double win! I got this coat for Christmas last year and love it because it is so easy to dress up or dress down. I stayed nice and warm and my feet stayed nice and dry today!

More pictures to come from our snowy date day! Stay warm and dry!xo