Wednesday, November 7, 2012

homemade baby food adventure #2: sweet potato mashed potatoes

This morning I decided to make some more baby food. Days off are always good days for these types of projects. I picked up a few sweet potatoes from the store earlier in the week when I saw that they were on sale. I read that sweet potatoes are good first foods for new solid food eaters.

I washed the sweet potatoes really well while the oven preheated to 375 degrees. When the oven was heated up, I poked holes into the potatoes with a fork and let them cook for an hour (flipping half way through). When they were done cooking I scooped out the insides with a spoon and whipped the insides using a hand mixer so they would be nice and fluffy!
He loved them so much he grabbed the spoon out of my hand and tried to feed himself (bottom picture)! Now with a full tummy he is down for a nap so mama has some time to blog! Have you tried any baby food combos that your little ones loved? I would love to hear!xo