Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Happy Wednesday!

We're making pizza on gluten free crust that went on a short-dated clearance at Savemart, which means that we are eating gluten free pizza until we can eat gluten free pizza no more.

And check out that cheese-spreading concentration happening in the bottom picture.
Chef Sage is in the hizz-ouse!

I think pizza might be my current favorite food group.

Maybe it's the Italian in me.
(I have no Italian in me)

...I remember being assigned a project in 7th grade where we were required to research our heritage. I interrogated my mom that night, trying to find some hidden pocket in my genealogy that would make for an interesting class report.

"Native American?"
"look at your pinky nail. That's about as much Native American as you have in you."

I did my school report on Finland.

So in the name of the Italian ancestors that I still wish that I had (and the semester of Italian that didn't stick): buon appetito