Tuesday, March 4, 2014

popcorn popping...

Popcorn has been a re-accuring theme 'round these parts lately.

The other day we were at Les Schwab getting another tire patched because yet another nail got up close and personal with the rubber that rolls us from place to place. Sage was eating his Les Schwab specialty popcorn and I looked over and saw him shove an entire baby handful of the popcorn into his mouth with all the gusto of a true barbarian.

Fast forward to Monday night. Sage had gone to bed so I was doing all kinds of wildly exciting things like emptying the dishwasher and organizing the magic bullet cups. I sat down to grade some papers and decided that this grading papers situation would be far less painful if I had some popcorn in front of me. Now you see...we are usually big kettle corn fans around here...but Costco has this new microwave popcorn that tastes exactly like the stuff that clogs the crap out our your arteries at the movie theater and shows no mercy. The kind where they ask if you want extra butter and you say "heck yeah!!! who doesn't?!!" in your head and "yes please" out your mouth, then don't understand why every kernel isn't soaking when you clearly asked for extra butter.

So duh, that is the popcorn of choice around here. Never have we used so many paper towels in our lives. (Sorry trees and Lorax and Danny DiVito).

Annnnnnnnyway I was grading papers and watching Parks and Rec and eating said artery-clogging popcorn when I caught myself shoving entire handfuls of popcorn into my mouth at a time. In true barbarian style.

It's just like looking in a mirror sometimes when I look at that little human. He is totally and completely a sponge (if a sponge could shove popcorn in his mouth).  My shadow. I shove popcorn, he shoves popcorn. I fix my hair when I take off my hat, he fixes his hair when he takes off his hat.
Monkey see/monkey do.

And these monkeys eat a whoooooole lots of popcorn in this zoo.

...barbarian style.