Thursday, March 27, 2014


My parents have gone off the DIY deep end. I blame this totally and completely on their discovery of the DIY channel on DirectTV -- more specifically the girl on Rehab Addict. My mom said something to the extent of "if she can work a sander than so can I!" and a sander she bought. The DIY kick has gotten to the point that before going over to spend the day with them Sage instinctually grabbed his toy drill. I see a DIY right-hand man in my future, once he's big enough to have a drill that isn't made out of plastic and doesn't exclaim "Sounds like the drill bit needs to be cleaned! Let's fix it together!" in Handy Manny's voice.

I just finished Where'd You Go, Bernadette for this month's online book club. (Did you read it? You really should! Book club discussion is next Monday and it's a quick read if you haven't read it yet!)  I am almost done with The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. It's fantastic and it's a quick read. It's a series of stories about growing up on a reservation. His writing and storytelling is fantastic. Can I say fantastic again when talking about this book? Oh okay.... fantastic, you guys!

Lots of gluten free pizza and quesadillas around here lately. I really like jalapeños on both of these things and I really like dipping sriracha on both of these things. So I guess I am actually on more of a jalapeño and sriracha kick than a pizza and quesadilla kick.  And I saw sriracha kettle chips at the gas station the other day! But I'm not brave enough to try them yet. What if they're too spicy? For someone who is putting jalapeños on everything and dipping things in sriracha that doesn't make much sense. I guess my reasoning is a little off and I should probably just go ahead and ring in the weekend with a bag of sriracha chips tomorrow. 

Thinking about: 
Spring break!! We are leaving on April 12 to visit Haydn and Sean in Indiana and I have this weird hope in the back of my head that it's like Pawnee and that Little Sebastian greets me at the gate. Haydn and I talk on the phone about every 2 days to plan the logistics of the trip. We are seriously freaking out about it. YAYYYYYY for vacations!

Listening to: 
Sage has come to terms with the fact that we are going to be listening to NPR and Audiobooks in the car and has stopped yelling and kicking his feet with his hands over his ears. One small step for mankind, one giant leap for talk radio. 

Also been listening to this song a lot, because everyone needs a little top 40 in their life every now and again. Can I get a heck yeah?
...and according the the video you can listen to the song for 10 hours on a loop if you're into that. You're welcome?

The freedom that comes with learning to let things go.