Monday, March 31, 2014

hippity-happy birfday lady sistah


So my middle sister is 22 today and she lives far far away in a land called Indiana, and even though we are going to be there in THIRTEEN DAYS as her text reminded me this morning... we decided to celebrate her birthday with a mini party. Because sometimes you have to buy cupcakes and party hats and celebrate for someone because she isn't there to celebrate with you.

I stopped at the store after school and picked up cupcakes and party hats for the birthday extravaganza... and I even got these glitter "22" candles because they were 99 cents and things that are 99 cents just call to me.

Well the pictures will speak for themselves, but this here baby doesn't want to smile for pictures or wear a party hat or blow out candles or really do anything except eat the cupcakes because why the heck would you take pictures with cupcakes and not just eat them?

....which is a valid question I have to admit.

So now that chocolate-covered baby has a brutal sugar-high that will live in infamy, and is sitting like a frog with his tongue out, panting like a dog saying "DOGGIE! GOOD! DOGGY! GOOD!"

which is just the price you pay for a virtual birthday extravaganza, I suppose.

Birthday party enthusiasts, over and out!
Happy Birthday Hayder-Gator! 

birthday hats and glitter candles brought to you by Target.
gluten-free chocolate cupcakes brought to you by Trader Joe's.