Sunday, December 2, 2012


Watching: Christmas movies! So far we've watched The Grinch and the tail end of Elf on tv today. We have also, of course, watched the Christmas "Handy Manny" and "Jungle Junction". Keeping everyone happy! When I'm not watching Christmas movies, I've gotten sucked into this season of "Parenthood".

Listening to: Guess...? Christmas music! I have my favorites. My number one for as long as I can remember is my mom's CD of 1940s Christmas songs. I also can't get enough of the She&Him Christmas CD. It has that coffeshop sound that I love, and only has the classics. NOT listening to: "Christmas Shoes" and "The Little Girl that Santa Clause Forgot". UMMMM, sad Christmas songs? SERIOUSLY? Not my thing.

Planning: Lessons. These middle schoolers are giving me a run for my money. Considering I am the third teacher they've had this year, the kids are rowdy to say the very least. I'm working on giving the classes some stability and a sense of care and concern for their well-being. After talking to other teachers, I have found out that many of the kids are coming from very unstable homes, and I am feeling a sense of responsibility to give them a sense of blance and safety when they come into my classroom. I can't blame the little monsters for giving me heck, they are expecting me to leave because it's the pattern they've seen in there lives and they don't want to get attached. It breaks my heart but really lights my fire to go into the school full force every morning. Oh, and I need to teach them some math too and get them ready for high school. My work is definitely cut out for me!

Thinking about: How blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life. My family and my family of friends are amazing and I can't explain the overwhelming feeling of happiness and gratitude I get when I think about the life that I have. It may be the time of year, coming out of the Thanksgiving season where a spirit of thanks is in the air to the Christmas season where everything looks and even smells joyous.

Looking forward to: Les Miserables! It's scheduled to come out Christmas Day, and after seeing the trailer about a million and one times I think it's time for the actual movie to come out. I'm expecting a lot of tears because the story has such big and beautiful themes. It's a story I grew up with and one that I've loved for a really long time. If I can't see the Broadway play, this would be a close second. It better be great, there will be some tough critics coming from the Jensen family!

Reading: I haven't been reading the way that I'd like to. I have been reading REALLY light and fun books lately. I finished "White Girl Problems" and seriously laughed through the whole book. It's hilarious and SO light. I would really like to get my brain going and read a quality book soon. There really isn't a feeling like finding a book that changes your whole life and perspective on something. I would love to hear suggestions of a grown up book (haha) to read over Christmas break. For the little mister, we have been starting to read books together before bed. He loves the colors in "The Hungry Little Caterpillar" -- the classics never go out of style!

Making me happy: My new iPhone (RIP lg rant -- haha!) and especially INSTAGRAM. I'm obsessed. I love the ability to capture and share our lives and have pictures all in one place. It's so much quicker than writing a whole blog post, especially after running after middle schoolers all day! This post picture is even from my instagram! Follow me at alyssamjensen and see daily updates of me and my perfect little peanut.xo