Saturday, December 29, 2012

christmas dinner

We were lucky enough to be invited to Colin's sister Lindsey's house for Christmas dinner. The food was amazing and I always love when I get the chance to hang out with Lindsey. Girl knows how to throw a party. Somehow I got though the whole night with only three pictures to show for it: one of Sage and Lindsey in the cute cute "my first Christmas" outfit she had given us the night before at the white elephant party, and two from the end of the night. While everyone was cleaning up after an intense GVB (girls vs boys) game of Xbox connect sports -- where I found out that javelin just isn't my virtual thing -- a different kind of fight broke out. I didn't see how exactly it started, but from the other room I heard Lindsey's boyfriend Chris yell, "GET A CAMERA!!" I ran into the kitchen with my phone in tow and saw Lindsey covered in the individual pies she was putting out for dessert. It was obvious that her 10-year-old brother Eoin had thrown an individual pie in her face and Chris was keeping her from attacking long enough for me to get a picture. After she was set loose, Lindsey went in with another individual pie for revenge. And of course she won that battle, because other than being three times Eoin's age and twice his size, Lindsey fights dirty. So Eoin didn't stand a chance...and there were some tears shed.

Dang, pie to the face. What a great way to thank the hostess! It was a great night with great people. Merry Christmas to us!