Monday, December 17, 2012

we need a change

After talking with some friends and after recent events leading to a sick and uneasy feeling across the country, I feel like I have to share my thoughts--even to just get this off my chest. I'm worried that we live in a time where parents don't know how to be parents. In my job I see kids five days a week who only see structure while at school. Administrators are reluctant to use suspension as a punishment when home is less safe than school. Teachers are blamed for students who can't read or perform at grade level when parents don't read at home with their families. When calling the parents of a disruptive and disrespectful student, the response from the mom was a non-chalant, "well I don't know what to do with him. He doesn't respect me either."

After the horrific events in Connecticut last week, I've heard many people calling for a change. Many people demanding stricter gun laws and more secure school entrances. I just ask for parents to do their jobs as parents. Teach your kids the meaning of respect and teach them integrity. Instill a level of care and tenderness along with a strong work ethic and a love for learning. Hug your kids. Love them but hold high expectations for them. Let your kids be kids. Too many kids I know play the adult role in their homes. Show them an excitement for life. Congratulate them when they succeed. Pick them up when they fall. Be a parent. Be a parent above anything else.

"No success can compensate for failure in the home."