Friday, December 14, 2012

5 blogs I love right now
This is my new favorite blog right now. I love this mom. I love her creative way of mothering her four kids and her the way they strive for a simple, country life. They have days full of crafting and exploring and reading together. All in vintage clothes.
The group of moms at Small Fry feature the cutest things for little ones. There are always new clothes, books and activities for little people and their moms.
This graphic designer has an eye for pretty things. She draws "what I would wear" outfits for different occasions inspired by real clothes. Her latest post I love features place mats she designed with various Roald Dahl quotes. LOVE.
I love ModCloth clothing and now I love the ModCloth blog. They feature vintage-inspired clothing and spaces. They interview cool and kitschy people and blogs worth checking out. AND with Christmas coming up they have been posting lots of gift ideas.
Okay, this girl is awesome. She has the cutest kids and they do the cutest things. My favorite thing they have done so far involves decorating and posting happy notes around the town for random passer-bys to find. Right now she is running an "advent activity" series of things they are doing as a family, such as making snow globes and doorbell ditching gifts for friends in their town.

Check them out and love them as much as I do.