Friday, December 28, 2012

christmas eve

Sage's first Christmas Eve was a perfect night. We first went to Colin's mom's house for a white elephant party. There were great appetizers and Brenda's meat pie -- the pie looked like something out of a catalogue and smelled even better, and from the sounds of it it tasted just as good! Sage cuddled with Colin's sister Lindsey and poked his brother Joe in the eye while trying to steal his glasses.

While leaving to spend the rest of the evening with my family, Brenda came out of the spare room with a wrapped box as big as her and declared that it was a gift for Sage. She went on to explain that the contents of the box had been a Christmas tradition for their family and they were now passing the tradition on to Sage. As I drove home I wondered what could be in the giant beast of a box. We got in the door and I went to get my dad so he could help me bring the box inside.

Sage opened the present (with some help) and inside we found a full Christmas train set. It was the Christmas train that had gone around their tree...and now it was ours to enjoy! After eating even more treats and reading the Christmas story from the Bible and The Grinch, we opened up the box and my dad and Sage got down on the floor to build our very own Polar Express. Once it was up and running, our little conductor sat for hours watching the train go around the tracks, his head following the train as it passed and then jerking back around to the other side to wait for the front car to come back around.

Finally I tore him away just long enough to put pajamas on, then back to the train he went to watch it go around the tracks until he fell asleep. Forgive me for the poor quality cell phone video, but I just couldn't help including this video my sister took. Talk about full concentration! For HOURS he sat just like that.

I hope your holiday was wonderful and full of family. I hope we can all find our own version of "Polar Express" joy and wonder.