Saturday, December 7, 2013


Isn't that just the best looking Kris Kringle in all the land?!

Today was the day. The day when Sage meets Santa for the first time. We woke up in the morning and opened the windows to take in the view of fresh fallen snow; the world outside of our little apartment covered in frozen powder. I put a Christmas record on and made some peppermint tea.

Then it was time. We trudged through the snow on our festive pilgrimage.
I knew this could go one of two ways: happy baby or total meltdown.

Sage was excited when he first saw Santa (hands in the air and clapping), he was excited to stand in line to see Santa, and he was excited to.....oh wait. That moment I set him down on Santa's lap and took a step away that 18-month-old separation anxiety kicked in something fierce.  So the the picture above is what we got. Not a full blown meltdown, but not totally sold either. Santa is more fun to enjoy from afar while your mom is holding you, I guess.

But we'll take what we can get, right?!

Merry merry!