Friday, December 6, 2013


((our Thanksgiving picture. It just makes me so happy, I can't even stand it.)) 

I just finished reading Letters to a Young Poet for the millionth time and I almost just flipped right back to the first page and started it all over again once I finished. That book, you guys. If you haven't already... you really need to. It's a very short book jam-packed with beautiful words. 

Since the weather has quickly turned on us, I've been all about the soups from Trader Joe's. They are cheap and amazing, and require exactly the right amount of preparation that I can offer (pour into a bowl and put in the microwave). 
Black Bean: check. 
Roasted Red Pepper: check. 
Creamy Tomato: check.
Carrot and Ginger: weird but good -- check. 
Sweet Potato Bisque: check.
Butternut Squash: check. 
Pumpkin: not check. It's still on the shelf and it was a spontaneous purchase that sounded like a really good idea as I was filling my cart with Trader Joe's pumpkin everything... but now it seems a little too weird. Weirder than carrot and ginger. It's like the neon sweater that seemed like a good idea at the store (and was on a really good sale) but it's just never the right day to wear it. Well, it's never the right day for pumpkin soup. I'm just not brave enough I guess. For those of you with more courage than me: may the odds be ever in your favor. After the pumpkin soymilk moment earlier this week I'm nervous. Pumpkin anxiety? Sure, why not. 

Oh, and if you're not eating your soup with crackers crushed into it then you might need to rethink your life. My personal favorite (of the gluten free variety) are Glutino multigrain crackers. They soak up the soup just the right amount without getting soggy. Seriously though. To be eaten while wearing fuzzy socks and watching a Nicolas Sparks movie (aka my life).

Thinking about: 
Lot's of things that aren't for putting down here. I've been all over the place with my emotions. I've been singing in the car then 30 minutes later crying in the shower. It's been a weird year. Someday I'll write about it. But not yet. Right now these emotions and trials belong to me and those closest to me, and I need to figure them out before they are shared publicly. Just a reminder that some things are just....private. As they should be. In the world of blogging it's so easy to overshare. And holy moly.. I can't tell you how crazy this makes me. I can't stand the oversharers (not a word). I would much rather blog about soup thank you very muchhhhh.

Listening to: 

This song is just...everything. This whole album is actually. It's the perfect soundtrack for cold weather. Warm music for cold weather. I like that.

And the performance poetry podcast channel on iTunes. If you're not subscribed you should seriously consider it. There's so much talent in the world, it just blows my mind right open.

Some times a girl just needs to laugh... and I'm a little bit obsessed with The Mindy Project. Other than that I don't really watch much TV these days. Oh wait, Vanderpump Rules is a must. It's so stupid you guys. I'm really not getting anything out of it other than whatever Laguna Beach did for me 10 years ago Vanderpump Rules does for me now. It's my reality TV fix. I just love it, and I can't explain it. Not everything needs a reason, right? Right.

Experiencing life on its own terms.
Finding the things that make me happy.
And then doing them.