Thursday, December 5, 2013

bits and pieces of this week

this park:
for giving us all the free fun we can handle (and that hat for keeping tiny ears warm). 

these flowers: 
because nothing makes you feel more awesome than having flowers delivered to work. 

this football fan:
for making it all the way to halftime... and thinking the crowd was cheering for him while we were walking out. 

this moment:
when Cosmo Cougar asked me to cheer with him. 

this tree:
for having Christmas potential. 

this shirt dress: 
because shapeless dresses that resemble potato sacks have been my jam this week. 

these wellies:
for keeping my feet dry in the snow this morning. 

this giant cup of cocoa:
because if it's not burning your tongue it's not hot enough. 

this record:
for making my favorite one-year-old shake his hips to the beat.