Monday, December 2, 2013

day camping

Apparently in my neck of the woods November didn't even happen, it's just a huge blur of crunchy leaves and cold toes with some turkey and mashed potatoes tacked on the end. These pictures were from when we went to Utah at the end of October, which I would swear up and down was just a week or so ago, but according to my calendar that isn't right at all. My four whole posts in November can vouch for that.

While we were in Utah we had an afternoon of day camping, which is all the beauty of camping without having to actually camp which is right up my alley. These pictures are so fun and the hike that we went on was awesome and my family is the best... and I couldn't just not post these pictures. So better late than never (right?).

Plus it was right there on that mountain that I was introduced to the gluten free version of camping heaven. Roasted marshmallow and white chocolate Reese's smushed together and shoved into your mouth. Seriously though. Try it and then thank me for those 20 pounds you just gained. They're that good.

And while you're looking through all the blondness happening in these pictures you can answer for yourself the question that I always get asked when carrying my own toe-headed little person around, "so where does he get that blonde hair?!"

^^babies talking politics -- or maybe philosophy -- in their tiny camping chairs (I die.)

And here goes the brave attempt to get all the small humans to smile at the same time....
(dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn):

Maybe Utah will adopt us. We miss it so much already.