Sunday, December 22, 2013

december senses

our December looks like 
          frozen breath floating in front of our faces on cold days
          two red noses
          a Christmas tree that tilts slightly to one side
          but we love her..because she is ours
          snowflakes stuck in long eyelashes
          snow that hasn't melted and sun that has been scarce
          knit hats and gloves that never stay on long enough
          snowboots that clunk on kitchen floors 
          m&ms left in pockets
          and keys found in toyboxes and behind the tv
          terrible twos that have hit early
          making this mom so tired
          but he has discovered his mom's lap is his favorite seat in the house
          and the baby who thinks he is a toddler remembers to be a baby again
          even just for a second
it sounds like 
          Bob Dylan records
          a kitchen floor that crunches under your feet like autumn leaves
          because the dust pan has gone missing
          and I keep forgetting to buy a new one
it tastes like
         hot chocolate
         with peppermint
         and soup for every meal
         warming us up from the insides when our outsides feel like they may never be warm again
it feels like
          a small apartment 
          a tiny unconventional family
          filled to the brim 
          with love