Tuesday, September 16, 2014

27 for 27 update: how 'bout them apples?

first 27 for 27 item done! 

We packed up and headed to Apple Hill over the weekend. Even though the weather said otherwise, the apples and the pies and the preserves all assured us that fall is right around the corner. But 90 degree sun meant no scarves and boots here; we picked our apples in full summer gear.

Part of me is like, "NOOOOOO SUMMER! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE MEEEEE!" and the other part of me is like "soup and crunchy leaves, I'M READY FOR YA!"

I decided while we were up in Apple Hill that I have this dream for myself to retire to an apple orchard. I will let people come and pick my apples and feed my alpacas. People seemed to think this was a strange dream, given my lack of gardening skills (let alone orchard maintaining skills), but I think it just sounds like the most romantic thing -- planting fruit and canning and inviting families in to experience my own piece of the earth that I've grown.

Now I probably need to learn how to can and plant things that stay alive, but I have a long time before I retire to actually work out the logistics of the whole thing. I mean, I've kept Sage alive for this long, and if I can grow a human then I should be able to grow some trees...amiright?

but the canned preserves...

I know, weird. But I'm pretty obsessed with it. Obsessed might even be an understatement.

There was more to Apple Hill than picking apples (even though picking apples is the best thing ever). The apple picking will always and forever be my favorite memory from this trip.

There was a mini pony ride in which Sage was the first pony ride of the season. I was just walking alongside of him making Lil' Sebastian jokes in my head when the lady who runs the mini pony ride informed me that Sage has fantastic balance. I'm talking the kind of balance that surpasses the balance of kids twice his age. ATTA KID!

We also fed some goats because, unfortunately enough, the alpacas didn't want much to do with us. But heck, with feed in our hands the goats wanted everything to do with us. Some pretty aggressive things, those goats. Rip the cup right out of our hands aggressive. Gotta respect an animal that knows what it wants and takes it, I guess. Survival of the fittest and all that.

We're already planning our trip back to Apple Hill to pick pumpkins when fall actually does decide to show up. We're not through with you for this season, Apple Hill. And this apple jalapeño jam isn't just going to just magically replenish itself in my fridge.

Apple pickers, over and out. Peace sign/apple emojis.