Monday, September 1, 2014

we live at the school now

Warning: this post reeks of Livejournal. Because Livejournal, you guys. Do you ever miss it? I do. I miss when the internet was new sometimes.

Moving right along.

I haven't been blogging much. Actually at all. August 2014 is one of those months that holds ONE whole post in it's archives.

I haven't been blogging for many different reasons.

One obvious one is because I have been so dang busy starting off this new school year. The change to Elementary School has been really hard. Hard in a good way. The kind of hard where you are just navigating foreign lands for the first time and really have no idea what you're doing.

There have been moments in the last three weeks where I've felt like I'm on one of those survival reality shows where they drop you from a helicopter in the middle of a forest with a bobby pin and a piece of chewing gum and say "good luck, mate!" (why they're Australian I don't know) and fly back away.

Only I have found the beauty of reaching out and asking for help.

Let me repeat that because it's a big one
I have learned to ask for help.
(or am learning -- work in progress here -- but aren't we all?)

I am surrounded by wonderful people who actually know what they're doing. They have been navigating this rainforest with their pieces of chewing gum and bobby pins for a lot longer than I have.

They are these banks of knowledge that are willing to help and know exactly how I'm feeling as I'm letting my two-year-old tear everything out of the supply closet and build towers out of art supplies. Because we almost live at the school these days.
I'm talking build us a couple of murphy beds because this is where we live now.

Case in point:

^^ the aftermath of a bucket of markers getting dumped out and then doing the obvious -- drawing all over himself with said markers.

So the silence is two parts exhaustion, one part busy, one part treading water.
But I 100% get paid back for my exhaustion with beaded necklaces and rocks covered in glitter glue.

I haven't been totally silent, however. I seem to have really taken a liking to the mini-blog feel I get out of Instagram. Me and Instagram have been getting along just fine.

You can follow me on Instagram here.

Man, I'm sure this post didn't really make sense. I'm a little out of practice on the posting front. (Imagine me doing that move where I crack my neck and stretch my arms out in front of me to crack my knuckles here. Did you imagine it? Okay good.)

And happy September! Happy Labor Day!

We're off to Virginia City for some swimming and some shenanigans, because what says day off like a wild west town? I'm such a sucker for Virginia City.

Overpriced barrels of candy here I come!