Sunday, July 20, 2014

checking in

For those of you concerned that I am quiet and possibly in a mental institution or going through another one of those moments I sometimes have... never fear. I am alive and well and just soaking up every bit of this summer. 

I am tired beyond belief because I think that's what two-year-old boys do to a person. 

So don't fear, I'm just doing things a little bit quieter this season. Will the writing bug bite again soon? I sure hope so. I'm starting to miss those late nights of writing more than just a bit. 

As for now, here's a quick check-in moment brought to you in part by summer rain and a fleeting desire to log into my blog account. 

Making: plans.
Cooking: salads. Which isn't cooking, I get it. you don't cook a salad. Curating? maybe. Yeah, that sounds better. I have been curating salads ;)
Drinking: lemon and strawberry infused water.
Reading: The Big Tiny: A Build-It Myself Memoir
Wanting: stability.
Looking: out the windows.
Playing: hookie from this blog.
Wishing: life could be a little more obvious. 
Enjoying: nature.
Waiting: for the end of summer to hit me.
Liking: slow mornings.
Wondering: all sorts of wonderings.
Loving: mountain air and summer rain.
Hoping: the rest of the summer doesn't go by too fast.
Marveling: in nature's beauty (every time).
Needing: nothing.
Smelling: warm rain.
Wearing: sundresses.
Following: travel Instagrammers.
Noticing: people change.
Knowing: that things always work out in the end.
Thinking: too much.
Feeling: too much.
Bookmarking: houses with loft bedrooms.
Opening: exciting mail.
Laughing: all the time.
Going: on a bear hunt.

and thank you Sydney for the list I used to make this post happen.