Thursday, July 31, 2014


a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014

So I just plain skipped two weeks. As far as my 52 project pictures are concerned, there just wasn't even a week 29 and week 30 this year.

Now, I thought about doing a "52 project - iPhone edition" and using iPhone pictures that I have probably already posted on Instagram and probably aren't very good quality anyway. Then I thought about doing "52 project - from the cutting room floor" and posting pictures that I love that didn't make the cut in other weeks through the year. But that doesn't really work with the whole "picture once a week throughout the year" idea of the 52 project.

So, alas, I decided to just cut my losses and start fresh this week. So here we are. Week 31. Can ya even believe it?

Summer has been good to us. We are coming to the end of our summer break. We celebrated randomly by having a breakfast picnic. Now, breakfast is a meal that just doesn't get its fair share of picnics, if you ask me. Lunch picnics are a given. Dinner picnics are just kind of called BBQs. But a late morning trip to the donut shop and weather that wasn't too hot yet called for an impromptu picnic. So picnic we did.

More information on the 52 project here.