Tuesday, October 15, 2013

san francisco, you totally get me

We packed up Andrews little blue caravan with more things than three people should need for 24 hours and took ourselves to San Francisco for a little Avett Brothers action.

Oh gosh almighty I love the Avett Brothers, but you knew that already. Not since Transatlantism has an album spoken to me the way that I and Love and You does. But really though, it's almost too emotional to talk about. It is too emotional to talk about. I'm such a weirdo when it comes to music.

..and San Francisco has my heart. Isn't there a song about that or something (ahem ahem)? 

So we got into the city around lunchtime and did what people do around lunchtime, which is look for food. We walked to Union Square, then walked around Union Square looking for a spot that someone recommended, then finally just went to the mall food court to avoid any hangry outbursts that were waiting in the wings. I ate vegan gluten free soup and drank a kale smoothie and was happy as a clam. But that's the thing, I'm just happy as a clam in SF no matter what I'm doing. That city breathes life into me. Vegan food, H&M, UO, books, amazing concerts, oh brother I really out-hipstered myself. Or so I was told. When in Rome and such.

And I bought a record for a record player I didn't have yet. But I'll talk more about that later this week because I'm having a serious love affair with my new record player, and it's a good thing I don't have a boyfriend right now because I'm thinking this would constitute as cheating. 

I also left SF with a sweatshirt from the boys section of H&M kids. When I was wearing it the next day Andrew said "when you went into H&M kids I thought you were shopping for your son and not yourself." Which my intention was to shop for Sage, but he's not big enough for H&M kids yet, and that sweatshirt was just calling my name. Not very often do you see a grey crewneck that says something like "Urban Hip Hop Style". Or maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places. Because kids clothes, especially little boys clothes, are com-fort-a-ble. Believe you me. 

And what about that baby bird you ask? 
Sage hung out with my family and was spoiled rotten with dark wash jeans and trips to the aquarium, but those little arms reaching up for me and the open mouth kiss I got when I walked in after our time apart were pretty darn special. 

And now, folks, more pictures from the concert that all look about the same: