Thursday, October 3, 2013

hard days

Some days are hard and overwhelming for no reason. But that's life, right?

Some day's I just feel like I want to yell "you threw off my groove!" to all grouchy middle schoolers and all grouchy full-grown humans (especially the grouchy adults because I think they should know better). Un-groovy days are not avoidable. But I learned once upon a time in a past life when I was studying Buddhism and mindfulness meditation that every once and awhile you have to take some time to just "be". Those Buddhists are really on to something with that.

So today was one of those days where my groove was thrown off one way or another and I needed a second to be.
..even though it didn't feel like I had a second to eat a snack let alone be.

So in all my organized glory I grabbed a green marker (because the color green in itself makes me happier) and I made a list of things that make me smile. Everything from colored tights to the smell of lemongrass.

Then to top it all off I put a bird sticker on my printer, said "put a bird on it!" to myself, and laughed at how clever I am.

Because you know what? A little Portlandia goes a long way on these kinds of days.