Saturday, October 5, 2013

one going on sixteen -- furthermore: shakin' a groove thang

Sage has somehow transported from being a baby to a teenager in ten seconds flat and as his mom I've certainly got the bends.

Case in point:
He sleeps in until I wake him up for daycare every morning.
He's a bottomless pit for all things snack related and all things ice cream related and all things mac and cheese related.
But the one that is hardest for me to handle is that he doesn't seem to see the beauty of listening to his mom. Because what the heck do I know?

Above is a picture my sister took of us having a little bit of real talk that included some back and forth (well, just forth because he can't talk yet) that included "dude. please don't go there right now." We were trying to walk to the UNR football game and had made it a whole ten steps before he did a fancy jello-leg move to sit down in the middle of the sidewalk. Now, as you saw here Sage is a regular escape artist. He usually likes to walk. Actually I take that back...Sage usually likes to RUN. So when given the opportunity to walk holding hands with his mom he sat down and clearly opposed. I mean, what if someone saw him holding hands with his mom. He's ONE now, dontcha know? Too old to be seen holding hands with she who gave him life.

Once we made it to the game we stayed exactly long enough for him to wiggle his way off my lap to climb up the bleachers, then under the bleachers (not safe!) cheer for a touchdown for the opposing team, then kick his shoes off to fall to their death in the black hole that is the underside of the Mackay Stadium bleachers. 30 minutes total (generously) is how long we made it before I waved the white flag. I have no idea who won the game.

We did, however, stop and dance in front of the marching band on our way out. Because goshdangit, he might be a pill but the little bird loves to shake a tailfeather. And if you know me you know that I am more than happy to seize the opportunity to d-a-n-c-e. So at the end of the night I had a shoeless baby and we still had a 20 minute walk to the car, but stopped to get the wiggles out thanks to the air force marching band. And though we were on the track in front of a mass of people, this was an opportunity that could not be missed -- no way no how. So the baby with only one shoe and the mom with very few wits left danced and laughed together on our way out of the stadium.

Life lesson: do not miss an opportunity to stop and dance. Even if it's been a long day. Especially if it's been a long day.