Thursday, October 31, 2013

first we saved recess, then we went to the farm

In the morning (once we got a much needed night's sleep after driving to Utah) we took the boys to the farm. 
Thanksgiving Point to be exact. 

On our way to the farm we drove by the elementary school and saw the kids standing at the fence waving their arms. We rolled down the windows to say hello and they yelled in unison "will you get our ball?!" Because kickballs have this awful habit of flying over fences and into streets. So we grabbed the runaway playground equipment and reunited them with their owners and then got back in the car proud as can be for saving recess. 

"We totally just saved recess! Go us! Coolest moms ever!"  
And if our dork status was ever in question you can go right ahead and call it finalized now. 

Then to the farm...
The farm was the business. 

It's a beautiful and wonderful thing when fall gives you that one last taste of sun for the season. You know, the last bit of warm before hats and scarves and mittens become permanent fixtures on heads and necks and hands. 

This day was exactly that. Fall was so good to us. 

The weather was perfect and the babies loved everything about the farm. They loved looking at the animals and exploring. And I loved watching them explore. It's an amazing feeling to be present while a little person is experiencing something for the first time. Life is so exciting and every experience is new. Sage kept looking up at me with a look on his face that said it all.  

"are you seeing this right now?! cows! in the flesh! how cool mom!" 

and I couldn't have had more fun either. This is part of the reason why I love experiencing things with him right now, while he's still in this so fun almost-one-and-a-half stage. Everything is new and exciting. And when I can experience things with him I feel like I'm experiencing them for the first time too, in a way. Seeing things through a different lens and gaining a new appreciation for the little things. Like chickens. Chickens are just cool. Those babies could have looked at the chickens for a million years I think.

We also let them ride the horses. Sage was totally embarrassed that I tried to hold his hands on the saddle, and he made that clear by continually swatting my hands away. Like I said, he's totally independent these days and doesn't need my help. But yeah right was I going to let him ride a dang horse on his own, independent or not. So I walked along side him on the horse and discreetly looped my finger through his back belt loop... just in case. He thought he was riding that horse all alone, that fearless little buckaroo. And I don't think he could have been more proud of himself. 

So cows and goats and chickens are the moon the stars and the sky to one-year-olds. And I would get one of each if I could just convince my landlord that was a fine idea. Maybe use the eggs and cheese as a bartering tool? Yeah, I'll let you know how that works out for me. Until then, farm on babies.