Wednesday, January 8, 2014


We found a treehouse park this weekend that was everything and more for a treehouse enthusiast like myself. I just couldn't stay on ground-level when there was a TREEHOUSE park in front of me. I mean, seriously though.

I'm reading Boy's Life by Robert R. McCammon right now for a book club.  This book is taking me approximately a million years to get through because I keep stopping and highlighting phrases that are just so beautifully worded. I'll let you know for sure what I think about it when I finish it, but so far the first third of the book is pretty rockin'. 

I also downloaded The Interestings for this online book club but I haven't started it yet. I'm excited to get my read on. 

Well for someone who was on top of getting her flu shot this year, I've sure had the flu more times than any other year. So this week I've been eating a lot of toast and drinking a lot of ginger ale. Isn't that just the most exciting meal plan you've ever heard in your whole life? Pre-plague I was eating a lot of Jimmy John's #12 unwiches. And crinkle fries with seasoned salt on top...because I am a chef and do fancy things like adding seasoned salt to my crinkle fries (haha). 

Thinking about: 
Getting older. It seems like something that scares most people but I look forward to it. I am constantly feeling like I'm a person much older than the age on my birth certificate stuck in this young person's body. I know that the 20s are a time that's supposed to be enjoyed and soaked in, but I can't help but look forward to being out of them. The 20s just feel so irresponsible, so young, so immature. I want to be 30. Which might just be one of the strangest things I've caught myself thinking about. But I just don't feel right in the 26-year-old body. I feel like my shell isn't matching my core. 

Listening to: 
The Killers have come back with a vengeance on my iTunes shuffle. The other day I was driving and The Killers came on and it was a "WHY AM I NOT LISTENING TO THIS ALL THE TIME" moment. So now I have, indeed, been listening to them all the time.  

Brandon Flowers, you're a babe.

I've now fallen into the addiction that is Netflix and I've watched all kinds of documentaries about art and New York because I am a strange species that bypasses the "popular on Netflix" category for the "critically acclaimed documentaries" category. So far the J.D. Salinger documentary has been my favorite, the documentary Tents about Bryant Park fashion week is a close second. However I did watch the entire first (and only) season of the reality show NYC Prep one night while I was organizing my art supplies and loved every second of it. So do what you will with that information. I'm a sucker for reality TV, and that's just me being me. 

This burst of warm(ish) weather smack in the middle of my least favorite season. Sorry 'bout it, Tahoe ski bums.

Thank you Danielle for originally inspiring these posts.