Saturday, January 11, 2014


a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014

We woke up this morning with plans to visit the zoo in Sacramento, but a requirement for chains over the pass stopped us just at the edge of Reno. We pulled off the freeway and went into Cabella's, where Sage found a wooden pop gun to call his own. He carted that pop gun around with him all afternoon, and seeing a buckaroo on a rocking horse with a pop gun in tow might be enough to melt your heart.

After a car seat nap we ate lunch and went to the Discovery Museum. We had never been, and I was worried he was still too small for the exhibits. I couldn't have been more wrong. His blue eyes soaked in the surroundings as he ran from exhibit to exhibit. From the airplane to the tree house slide, from the fans spinning pinwheels to the sailboats and water wheels. In the middle of all the exhibits is the "cloud", a three-story climbing structure that reaches from the floor to the ceiling.

And there in the left-hand corner of the photo is my 18-month-old. I took this photo from the second story of the museum.

He still hasn't gotten the memo that he's a baby.

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