Wednesday, January 15, 2014

around the internet

I've been favoriting links to share for quite some time, and haven't gotten around to putting them all in one place for you.

so without further ado, here are some click-worthy things to keep you nice and distracted when you should be folding the laundry or something.

(above) this Japanese photographer shot fun and empowering pictures of his little girl. I'm obsessed.

my friend Jeremiah posted this chilled shrimp salad for those days you just can't stomach any more soup (and it's easy enough that I could actually make it! three cheers!)

why oatmeal is  the perfect breakfast and ideas for overnight oatmeal

a French cafe charges extra for rudeness

the where children sleep photo project is so moving. you really just have to see for yourself.

slow cooker chocolate fondue. because duh.

diy Anthropologie wreath

5 inside activities to do with kids during the polar vortex

a 30-year-old's advice for surviving middle school (or life -- because if you can survive middle school you can survive just about anything, am I right?)

crock pot hot n' spicy white bean chicken soup. the directions literally say "open all the cans and put in the crock pot." now that's my kind of meal.

You've Got Mail's guide to NYC.

a girl picks up trash at the beach by her house and photographs it before throwing it away. I really can't tell you why I like this photo series so much. but I do I dooooo.

an interview with the creators of the brand Thief and Bandit. inspiring.

why Joseph Gordon-Levitt's mom is awesome.

forced perspective photographs that will knock your socks off.

this artist's new blog. perfection.