Saturday, July 13, 2013

visiting grandma at the veteran's cemetery

While in Idaho we visited my grandma's grave at the Veteran's Cemetery in Boise. It was a beautiful evening at a beautiful place. Every 4th we miss Grandma and her smile, her sometimes (most of the time) inappropriate jokes, and her threats to "throw us out with the trash". We miss picking wild berries for her jam that went perfectly with Grandpa's warm homemade bread. We miss her booming "CLOSE THE DOOR" as soon as it opened. We miss having to take off our shoes in the house. We miss checking under the beds three times before leaving because "Grandma doesn't ship" and any treasures that were left were stuck there until the next summer. We miss that hot pink lipstick and clip-on earrings. We miss her wigs that she wore during chemotherapy. We miss having to tell her to sit down because she was determined to help with dinner when she didn't have much energy left. We miss her love for life. We miss her claim that her one regret is life was that she "never cleaned out the attic".

It's been 6 summers since she's been gone. 

Let us all live so that our last regret can be that we never got around to cleaning out the attic.