Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July hot dog roast

We're back from the mountains of Idaho aka "Amish Country" where there is no TV, internet or cell service and you can only make a phone call if you go half way up the hill and three steps off the road into the weeds (not that I tried or anything). However there was a rumor floating around halfway through the week that the Red Rooster has unblocked wifi and a bench outside to sit on. It really is the coolest little town ever. This is the sign in the middle of town that points the way to all of the shops, cafes and restaurants. How cool is that?

Idaho is my favorite trip and I look forward to it all year. There's something about being cut off from the world and with family that makes everything right. My extended family on my mom's side meets and stays at the cabin my grandparents built when we were little. This is the only time I get to see my aunts and cousins and their little munchkins. It's just soul food to the highest degree.

So expect to see more than just today's post of Idaho pictures, this is just the 4th of July. Because let me tell you...there are wayyyyy too many pictures to put into just one post. Because when I'm feeling full to the brim the only thing I can think is "OMG I NEED TO TAKE PICTURES. MORE PICTURES! I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS FOREVER!" on a constant loop.

4th of July we always have a BBQ with my Grandpa and Rayola at their house. It was full of food and family and tree swinging.