Thursday, July 11, 2013

4th of July parade

The Crouch 4th of July celebration is unlike anything you'll ever see anywhere else.

Let's start with the parade. Just about anybody and anything can sign up for the parade and be a part of the action. The pictures speak for themselves. The parade started with this:

followed by this:

then these guys in a covered wagon:

and the "redneck mobile home" with a scarecrow lounging in a tub on the roof:

and many other weird floats that didn't make much sense.

which brings us to the water part of the parade, where the parade goers bring water balloons and water shooters to spray at the parade as it goes by and soaks the crowd. It's a giant water fight. Last year Sage was 3 weeks old and was nailed in the sling by a water balloon (we were standing in the "safe zone" which apparently was not a safe zone at all). The poor teenage boy who was on the other end of the water balloon jumped off his float with a look of horror on his face (because I'm sure I had quite the look of horror on my face) and ran over to apologize in person.

^^someone in our group (Haydn or Sean would be my best guess) hit the girl in the red tank with a water balloon. Right in the face. It was awesome. (and clearly the guy standing next to her thought so too.)

cue the fire hoses...

On the way out of town I saw this party animal and needed a picture:

Finally, for all things nostalgic, a picture of the old Merc. sign. Many an allowance dollar was spent in our youth here on candy bars and ice cream growing up. I'm so glad the town still displays the old sign even though the Merc has upgraded to a new location and full on grocery store with an (awesome) deli. They made my sandwich on a bed of lettuce! It was amazing and so good! The lady behind the counter said loudly, "they want WHAT?!" when my order was called out, but they delivered. Clearly they don't get many GF orders in Crouch :)